Vacuum Tube Circuits

Last update: 24.3.01

You are looking for vacuum tube circuits? So perhaps you will find here what you are looking for.
But remember that this site is just starting up so in some months there will be more stuff here.

For hifi-amplifier-circuits have also a look at the datasheet-site. There are some examples too.

If you have any questions or comment or cool circuits then e-mail me!

description language size download
Hifi amplifier with no phase distortion up to 30,000 cycles 89 KB download pdf-file
Mikrofon-Preamplifier with low voltage vacuum tubes 33 KB download pdf-file
KO-circuit for obtaining amplifier-tube characteristic curves 76 KB download pdf-file
Circuit for obtaining mutual conductancec characteristic curves 60.4 KB download pdf-file
Audio circuits: amplifier, fader control, distortion reducer 186 KB download pdf-file
2 Phono-Preamplifiers with ECC 83 no language 25 KB download pdf-file
8 audio circuits from 1968 146 KB download pdf-file
6 high voltage crt supplies from 1968 87 KB download pdf-file
6000V DC power supplie from 1964 31 pages, 2.46 MB download pdf-file

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